• Vocation: Master Artificer • Consortium Boss

  • Race & Age: Midland Hyur • Middle-Aged

  • Server: Crystal • Mateus

Garrett Sadova is a middle-aged gentleman of lean build. With graying hair that's kept combed and trimmed; and auburn eyes that can assess you like a jeweler peering into a diamond, he has an intense and knowing look about him.
He is usually sporting dark leathers, nice suits, or the latest fashion trends. When it comes to the Artificer, its always a toss-up what sort of tools, weapons, and cantrips he is carrying on his person at any given point in time.

Potential Hooks

• Garrett works as a Master Artificer, and he can craft an assortment of things and enchant them. He would be familiar to those who're from Ul'dah, where his family's business started. It's rumored Garrett also practices various forms of unorthodox magic, such as Animancy. This is not advertised for obvious reasons.• Garrett is the proprietor of said business and consortium. Byregot's Ward has grown to be a reputable mercantile of goods and services. It also has its share of secrets.• Garrett's elite agents from the Ward, the Leveswain, are notorious for their efficient, albeit curious, methods when accomplishing various tasks. You may have heard of their exploits in the past, whether from first hand accounts or hearsay.• Either through his connections or some other means unknown, Garrett has an uncanny knack for scouting out talent in various professions and vocations. He has approached freelancers with jobs before meant to challenge the individual... but are highly rewarding if completed successfully.• On the other side of the coin, Garrett also offers his own services to people he would deem good friends or worthwhile clients. From artifice to mercenary work - this Swiss army knife would be happy to take on most jobs.• Garrett is an Immortal Flames veteran from the first war against Garlemald. Those who've been involved in that could have possibly ran into either he or his brother before the Calamity.• Because of his pursuits, Garrett has a collection of records, articles, and journals that pertain to what is deemed malefic science and magic. He has also hunted monsters, evil witches, mad scientists, and other threats to the public either by himself or with his Leveswain for various reasons and end goals.• Some of these hooks may require some communication beforehand. Have another idea for a Hook? Let me know! I am very flexible with creating potential scenes and potential connections.

Out of Character Information
Long time role-player with roots in Guild Wars 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and several Tabletop RPGs including FATE and D&D. Some more info about me!

• I am always open to collaborative story-telling and open to using various systems (/roll, D&D 5e, Fate Core/ Accel, etc). I do appreciate open communication, and will do my best to maintain channels. I ask my collaborators to do the same as well!• My character is somewhat of an open, blank book that changes dynamically depending on RP outcomes and events. Tutelage, lasting scars, romance, etc., all fair game assuming a dialogue has been started for this. I'm open to both long and short term plotlines. As always, In Character ≠ Out of Character.• Some of the content I write bends lore, but never breaks it. Some of my current plotlines and hooks takes a lot of inspiration from the Fabula Nova Crystallis series and mythos, as well of other media like Stormlight Archives, The Licanius Trilogy, etc. As such, I have the most fun writing high-fantasy esque plotlines, but am happy to collaborate in themes and genres outside of the high-fantasy niche.• I reside in MST, and currently work full time in Healthcare. Playtime and hours will vary, however I am usually available on Discord and can schedule scenes ahead of time. Just bare this in mind if I do not respond to messages immediately.• I'm also available for PVE and PVP. If there's any content you want to run, just ask! I have Tanking, DPS, and Healing Classes available for content.• I run the Free Company and Discord Byregot's Ward, a Med-Heavy FC themed around intrigue, enterprise, adventure, and tropes common in Stormblood and Shadowbringers. Feel free to visit the FC Carrd via the button below.

Discord Handle: The-Penman#8782
open to walk-up and tell

Known History
Garrett Sadova was born to a reputable family of crafters in the city of Ul’dah, before the 7th Umbral Calamity. Raised alongside his brother, Ramas, to take over the family business when they both came of age, they were trained in artifice, crafting disciplines which enchanted mundane creations through aetherologic engineering; and groomed to take over Sadova & Co. They had the prospects of good lives ahead of them.
Then the Garleans marched on Eorzean soil. As the brothers were both capable young men, they were sent to the battlefield to serve as artisans for the Immortal Flames. They were promised an easy deployment, far from the front-lines and far from any danger. No one could have expected Dalamud falling, however.Smoke and debris fell upon the brothers' unit while they were amidst fighting off a scouting party from the VIIth Garlean Legion. Only Garrett was found amongst the ruins of the battlefield, his older brother's body missing. Garrett returned to Ul'dah, hospitalized for a crushed knee that continues to bother him to this day.One day, he disappeared from the city. Rumors have it he fled Garlean spies who sought him for his involvement in the war. Other rumors speculate he fled the men of a wealthy plutocrat whose daughter he had an affair with.Regardless, he was gone for months, only to be found in the company of an adventuring party whom he still has ties with to this day: Askel Strausgard, 'Touch'e' Quatay, and Teghan Creithe. While he was in the company of this party, he searched for his older brother and clues to what happened to him.Something related to that search triggered a change in Garrett. Eventually, he returned to Ul'dah, the site of his exodus, and claimed his inheritance to Sadova & Co., rebranding the company into Byregot's Ward.Since then, he has become a Master Artificer and a successful business owner, eventually raising the status of Byregot's Ward to that of a consortium through the Merchant's Merit. And himself to that of one of Ul'dah's more eligible bachelors.It is a success story most Ul'dahns can only dream of. The company's headquarters were most recently moved to the fresh markets of Ishgard's Empyreum, only expanding their wealth of opportunity and influence.Despite this, not all may be as it seems.Whispers and rumors of the Ward's activities, especially that of Garrett and his elite agents, the Leveswain, are plentiful. Illicit activities and vigilitanism; the practice of dark magicks and collection of dangerous artifacts; The persecution of rival organizations and companies...There is more than meets the eye with the Artificer and this Byregot's Ward.